We write down the year 2000, the new century has started and the JR BAND is running faster, bigger and better. An average of 120 gigs per year, well received through Europe, what am I saying....over the Globe!

The  JR BAND is very close to being a cult, with loyal fans, that will follow them where ever they go. Of course, they have done supports for: ALLMAN BROS., ZZ TOP, SLASH, SIMPLE MINDS, WHITESNAKE, etc., and worked together on projects with: CHUCK BERRY, NAZARETH, THE ANIMALS , B.B.KING and the horn section of TOWER OF POWER.


But most of all they are the public’s favourite, a band that (with a lot of success and enthusiastic stage presence) lightened up many festivals, playing their perfect togetherness. Or to speak with the words of “BIG AL” (DJ. and rock VIP): JAN AND HIS BAND ARE THE LAST ROCK & ROLL GYPSIES THAT HOLLAND HAS GOT, SO LET’S PAY SOME RESPECT TOWARDS THESE GUYS, THEY DESERVE THE NAME:




They played such an energetic set for the Canadian T.V., that the following 2 weeks clubtour sold out. The first CD: “MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY” sold over more than 10.000 copies and was well received by the press. Something that is really special, considering they had no major record deal backing them up. The second one is out and is called : “THE REAL McCOY“.


A hard driving record that will touch your soul !! At the moment negotiations are on with different majors and the band consider this as their breakthrough. The sound of the JR BAND is truly a unique sound of a ROCKMACHINE. Rock, Blues, Ballads, Funk, Soul, Metal ...

They got it all !!



"JR runs over the stage like a madman with the devil on his trail, still managing to squeeze out the highest notes from his guitar and voice“ (Fachblatt Germany)


"Franky is one of the most talented drummers around“ (Drumchronicle)


"A guitar that sounds like a truck“ (Guitarplayer)


"Music from the soul“ (Melodymaker U.K.)


"One of Holland’s best guitarslingers“ (Revu - NL)


"Can’t help but loving this rockmachine“ (Rolling Stone U.S.A.)

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Photography: Ronnie Afman